Free business advice

Are you a small business looking for some free 1-2-1 advice? Or maybe you have a great business idea? Our team of expert advisers are here to help you.
The Business Growth Hub is a mixed programme of in-person and Zoom meetings with experts who will help you develop and grow your small business.
Assistance for local entrepreneurs and small businesses who are looking to start-up or grow their businesses.

Supporting our businesses, high streets and town centres

Get involved with a business association, meet your neighbourhood businesses, and boost your local high street’s economy today.
Apply for funding to retrofit your business, reducing your energy bills and consumption. Applicable measures include window glazing, insulation, roof repairs and draft-proofing.
Upstream is here to connect, support and shine a light on the science, tech and creative sectors based in H&F.

Festivals and affordable opportunities to trade

Does your business need a continuity plan?

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