Thinking of moving to H&F?

H&F works for me

Small businesses owners tell us why the borough works for them in their own words.

Our town centres

Hammersmith & Fulham has three major town centres and more than 24 smaller shopping areas.

We’re not just any London borough...

We work hard to help the borough’s businesses survive and thrive.

H&F is home to


businesses, including major international brands such as L’Oreal, Walt Disney and Sony Ericsson.

The borough offers more than

1 million sq ft

of retail space within our 5 major shopping centres.

We have the


most competitive economy in England (based on economic factors assessed in the UK Competitiveness Index 2019).

More than

£2 billion

of public and private sector funding has been spent in the borough in the last five years by developers such as Imperial College, who are developing a large life sciences campus in White City.

Our shoppers spend more than

£1 billion

across 26 main shopping areas and high streets each year.

Major regeneration projects will only help increase footfalls and provide you with opportunities to build and grow. Read more about local regeneration schemes.

For new business enquiries contact Phil Clement, Inward Investment Manager,

We have the best transport links in London.

It takes just

13 minutes

to reach central London by Tube, with trains every 2 minutes.

Heathrow is just

45 minutes

away by tube and 30 minutes by car.

We have more than

1.25 million

visitors a week to our town centres.

Westfield alone attracts


visitors a week.

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