How to apply for building regulations approval

Guidance on how to describe your proposed works

How to contact us

Application forms

Building notice form (pdf)
Please use this application for residential works. It must be received at least 48 hours before works start. Please use the full plans application form for a proposal to build over a combined sewer or when a house is being converted into flats.

Full plans application form (pdf)
This application must be used for commercial works. It can also be used for residential works if you'd like a formal decision on your plans.

Pre-application advice prior to making a building regulation application (pdf)
This is for submission before a 'full plans' application for preliminary meetings or written comments on your proposals.

Application for regularisation certificate form (pdf)
This is for consideration of retrospective approval of works completed without prior Building Regulations approval.

Erection of temporary or special structure (section 30) form (pdf)
Application form for a licence for the erection of a temporary and special structure.

Building regulations - exempt buildings enquiry form (pdf)
Apply for an exemption certificate for your building works.

Notification of stages of building works (pdf)
Tell us when you have completed each stage of your project.

Notification of start of works (pdf)
Tell us of your intention to start work.

Health and safety leaflet (pdf)
Advice and guidance from the Health and Safety Executive about building works.

Financial performance (pdf)
Details of our accounts, including salaries, support services and third party payments.


Fees and guidance for customers on building regulation charges (pdf)

We don't charge any fee where the work is solely for the purpose of providing a means of access for disabled persons to, or within, a building, or for providing facilities designed to secure their greater health, safety, welfare or convenience and is carried out in relation to a building to which members of the public are admitted or is a dwelling occupied by a disabled person.

Guidance on how to calculate your fees (pdf)

How to submit your supporting documents

When sending supporting documents via CD, USB, email or Submit-a-Plan, individual files should be no more than 10MB per file, not exceeding 25MB in total.

Supporting documents such as structural calculations, reports, drawings and photographs should be separated individually and labelled for ease of reference as pdf (portable document file) format.

Examples: Structural calculations - Part 1, Part 2 or engineering report – Part 1, Part 2 and so on, and not collated into a single pdf. Pdf is a trusted and reliable open-file format used to convert virtually any document into an easily readable, industry standard format. Converting or scanning original files into pdf format protects file integrity and preserves source file information.

If would be helpful for any drawings to be labelled with the drawing number first, followed by the revision and then the drawing title. Example: 366_PL_101_000 REV.A Proposed Ground Floor Plan. The drawing title should not exceed 40 characters including spaces where possible.


We are presently unable to accept online payments.

Please print and complete the appropriate PDF application form below and send either via email, fax 020 8753 2448 or post to:

Building Control Service
5th Floor, Town Hall Extension
King Street
LondonW6 9JU

If you wish to pay by card for your application, please ring 020 8753 3137 and 3939. To submit a cheque with your application, please make it payable to LBHF and post to the above address.

Further information on our fees and charges

The objective of the fees and charges scheme is to recover all costs incurred working under building regulations.

The cost of the service has been calculated using an hourly rate for the officer’s time and consideration of factors about the building work in question.

The vast majority of the smaller projects undertaken in the borough will be covered by standard charges.

We assess these charges on the basis that the building work does not include innovative or high-risk construction techniques and the duration of the building work is less than 12 months.

They have also been set on the basis that approved documents have been used as guidance for the building regulations. If this is not the case then the work may incur extra charges.

For work that is not covered by a standard charge, we can determine an assessed charge for an individual project.