Street furniture

Noticed damage to cycle racks, litter bins or parking ticket machines? Let us know and we'll fix it.

Report a problem with any council-owned street furniture:

h&f Report it

We look after street furniture such as:

  • trees
  • seats
  • bollards
  • litter bins
  • cycle racks
  • traffic and pedestrian signs
  • parking ticket machines
  • pedestrian guard-railings*
  • street lighting
  • CCTV cameras
  • recycling banks
  • street name plates*
  • illuminated bollards*

* These could be Transport for London’s responsibility, depending on location. Tell us anyway and we’ll advise you.

Private companies own some street furniture, such as:

  • telephone boxes
  • post boxes
  • street cabinets
  • magazine dispensers

If there’s nothing written on the item to say who owns it, try an internet search.

Historic street furniture is part of the borough’s character and is protected by law. This includes:

  • brick boundary walls
  • cattle troughs
  • drinking fountains
  • monuments
  • statues
  • K2 telephone boxes (the classic red design)
  • cast-iron post and pillar boxes
  • cast-iron bollards, gates, piers and railings.

Streetsmart streetscape manual

Streetsmart is a manual intended for officers, stakeholders and residents, containing the standard of quality used to build our streets and public spaces; carriageways to footways, cycle paths and parks.

Streetsmart outlines the types of streetscapes (conservation areas, town centres, residential streets and public realm), the aims and objectives behind their maintenance and character.

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