Pests we don't treat


Foxes are a common sight in urban areas.

The RSPCA have information on living with foxes and deterring them if they're a nuisance.

We don’t provide any fox control services. For further information about foxes please see our advice on foxes.

For humane, non-lethal solutions to fox nuisance, visit the fox deterrence website or call 01892 824 111.

Oak Processionary Moths

These moths have been found in parts of west London.

Please keep an eye out for them during spring and summer and report any sightings to the pest control team on 020 8753 1081.

For more information on Oak Processionary Moths visit the Forestry Research website.


Pigeons carry diseases such as salmonellosis, tuberculosis and ornithosis.

Their droppings, nesting material and carcasses contain a wide variety of mites and insects. These can infest areas where people live and can cause skin irritation, disease or allergic reactions.

There are no rules about feeding pigeons but in extreme cases we can consider an alleged offence of ‘littering’.

It is an offence to drop litter anywhere in a place in the open air to which the public are entitled or permitted to have access. The food being deposited might constitute ‘litter’.

Other pests we don't deal with

We don't deal with:

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