Pest control and your home

Our team of professional, qualified and experienced pest control officers will deal with your pest problems in an effective and comprehensive manner.

We will identify the extent of your pest problem and provide the most effective and efficient way to treat it. We will also provide advice about how to prevent future problems.

It is difficult to treat unwanted pests if we can’t get access to where they are active and we must accurately identify what pest you have before treatment.

We will only enter a loft if there is a fixed ladder and the loft is safely boarded.

Please contact our experienced call centre staff for advice if you can only hear noises or suspect pests in the loft or a cavity wall as we will charge even if we can’t treat.

If you are unsure what type of pest is causing the problem, please contact us before you book. We don’t issue refunds if we visit and find we are unable to treat the problem for any reason. For all queries including help in identifying the problem, please use our contact form.

Pests we treat and don't treat

Find out which pests and vermin we can help you with and which pests we don't deal with.

Our domestic pest control service

If you are a housing association tenant, or are renting your property from a private landlord, we suggest that you contact them first. It may be a service that they may have already made provision to pay for.

Council tenants do not have to pay for most pest control services but will be asked to pay for fleas, moths and carpet beetles. If you are a council tenant please contact us to arrange an appointment.

Check treatment prices

Missed or cancelled appointment

If you need to cancel or re-arrange an appointment, please contact us at least 24 hours before the appointment time.

You will be charged the cost of an individual visit if:

  • you cancel less than 24 hours before your appointment
  • our officer calls and you are not at home
  • any required preparatory work has not been completed
  • we cannot do the work as expected for any reason due to the customer

If you have called us out to treat for wasps and we find that they are in fact bees, you will be charged the cost of the visit. We will not issue refunds in these circumstances.

What makes treatment less effective

Factors that can make treatment less effective include:

  • re-infestation from outside sources
  • building defects
  • failure to take preventative precautions or advice on good housekeeping practices
  • weather conditions affecting outside treatments

Health and safety

We take all reasonable precautions to prevent any risk to health from pest control treatments. Our pest control officers are fully trained, qualified and experienced.

Before carrying out any treatment, we assess the risks of people or pets coming into contact with pesticide. We only lay bait in protected containers, clearly marked ‘POISON’ and we position these to minimise the risk of children or animals touching them.

We hand out safety information about the type of pesticide we use, and a safe procedure for disposing of dead rodents to minimise the risk of secondary poisoning of other animals.

In the case of rats and mice we revisit premises to check the effectiveness of the treatment and to collect unused pesticide.

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