Pest control prices

We offer competitive and transparent charges.

You can pay when booking the first visit. We accept debit and credit card payment, and cheques.

Bookings can be cancelled with 7 days’ notice. A course of treatment can cover a 6-month period.

If you are a housing association tenant, or are renting your property from a private landlord, we suggest that you contact them first. It may be a service that they may have already made provision to pay for. 

Council tenants do not have to pay for most pest control services but will be asked to pay for:

  • fleas
  • garden ants
  • moths
  • carpet beetles.

If you are a council tenant please contact us to arrange an appointment.

For commercial rates and information see Landlords, commercial premises, restaurants and schools.

Rats and mice

£151.60 (3 visits plus bait box collection).

£47.10 per additional visit.

We remove the bait if we find no evidence of pest activity on the third visit.

Fleas, carpet beetles and common clothes moths

£137.20 (1 visit and 3 rooms).

£15 per additional room.


£82.60 (1 visit).


£271.20 ( 2 visits to the property covering 2 bedrooms).

£26 per additional room.

£132.20 per additional visit.


£181.60 (3 visits).

 £57.10 per additional visit.

Pharaoh and tropical ants

£147.80 (2 visits).

£59 per additional visit.

Garden ants

£57.50 (1 visit for up to 4 rooms).

Other pests

Contact us about treatments for pests not listed. Prices will be given if the booking can be made.

Commercial charge

£73.90 per 30 minutes

£146.50 per hour

Book pest control

Book a pest control visit

If you are unsure what type of pest is causing the problem, please contact us before you book. We don’t issue refunds if we visit and find we are unable to treat the problem for any reason.

For all queries including help in identifying the problem, please use our contact form.

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