Identifying garden ants or black ants

Black garden ants do not present any major threat to our health, but can become a real nuisance when they enter homes and workplaces in search of food and water.

These ants are:

  • dark brown (even though they are commonly referred to as black ants)
  • about 3 to 5mm in length

Home treatments for garden ants

An adult must be present throughout each visit.

Treatments in your home typically involve:

  • 1 visit
  • placing a suitable insecticide around the area of the nest and infested areas
  • an advice sheet with information about treatment, where it was placed, and any special precautions needed
  • measures to protect children and pets

Preventing garden ant infestation

To minimise risk of infestation you are advised to:

  • keep floors and surfaces dry
  • keep all food in sealed containers
  • do not leave food scraps lying around
  • keep all refuse in sealed containers
  • do not leave refuse in the house overnight. Remove it to an outside dustbin
  • regularly clean all kitchen work surfaces, especially last thing at night
  • store all kitchen equipment in a cleaned state
  • vacuum all floors regularly especially paying attention to food spills and waste
  • pull out and clean behind and around all cookers, refrigerators, washing machines and other moveable equipment

How much does it cost?

A pest treatment for garden ants costs £53.90 for 1 visit for up to 4 rooms.

For commercial rates and information see landlords, commercial premises, restaurants and schools.

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