Identifying carpet beetles

Carpet beetles:

  • are 6-10mm in length
  • have black-grey bodies with white bellies

The larvae are:

  • can reach up to 12mm
  • hairy, black, with a yellow “spine” on their backs

Where are they found?

Carpet beetle damage includes holes and trail-like patterns in:

  • carpets and rugs made out of natural materials such as wool
  • leather furniture, book bindings
  • fur, feathers, hair and even dried fish
  • photos and paintings

Home treatments for carpet beetles

An adult must be present before we start the treatment. You will have to leave your property during the treatment and return at least three hours later.

Treatments in your home involve:

  • one visit
  • treating all affected rooms
  • an advice sheet with information about the insecticide used, where we placed it, and any special precautions needed

Preparing your home for treatment

We may not be able to treat your home if you do not carry out the following.

Before the treatment you should:

  • vacuum the whole house, especially areas where you have seen damage such as baseboards, cracks and crevices - dispose of the bag immediately after vacuuming
  • throw away infested items and dry clean or launder anything you want to keep in hot water at more than 60 degrees celsius for 20 to 30 minutes
  • put washed or dry-cleaned clothes in a sealed plastic bag
  • move wardrobes, cupboards, and beds away from the walls
  • unplug all non-essential electrical items
  • move pets into rooms that are not going to be treated

The above steps will also need to be repeated for the second visit.

Preventing carpet beetles infestations

To prevent carpet beetles from entering your home, you must:

  • clean and vacuum regularly
  • store dry food in air-tight containers
  • protect clothing in dark closest with sealet plastic covers or cedar
  • open closet doors for a couple of hours each day 
  • inspect plants and flowers for beetle activity before bringing them into your home

How much does it cost?

£137.20 (1 visit and 3 rooms).

£15 per additional room.

For commercial rates and information see landlords, commercial premises, restaurants and schools.

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