Parking bay suspensions for film crews

All parking in Hammersmith & Fulham is controlled, which means bays are shared by residents and visitors who pay and display a ticket.

You should not deposit traffic cones, scaffolding or anything onto the carriageway to reserve parking.

Small crews

For small crews and short shoots of a few hours, pay and display parking is normally enough.

Parking bays can't be suspended for small crews using cars or people carriers. It's usually possible to use pay and display parking for these vehicles for the whole day.

For more information see pay and display parking.

Larger crews

For large crews likely to be filming for a day or longer, you can apply to suspend parking bays.

Visit the parking suspension page to apply and find out:

  • the fees and how to pay
  • the notice period you need to give
  • what you need to do after you apply.

Further information

Parking zones