Green vehicle permits

Free permits for fully electric vehicles

Is your car fully electric? If so, you are able to apply for a free residents' parking permit.

Who qualifies for the free permit?

  • Only residents can apply for a free permit.
  • The free permit is only applicable to the first permit.
  • Any second permit will be at the 2nd permit price of £260 for 6 months or £497 for a year, even if your second car is a fully electric or low emission vehicle.
  • The free permit is not available to businesses, car clubs, market traders.
  • A fully electric vehicle is classified as a vehicle which solely relies on a battery and not a combustion engine for propulsion.
  • If you're unsure your vehicle is fully electric please check your owner's handbook or with the manufacturer.

Cars that run on low-emission or alternative fuels are good for the environment. To encourage you to get one, we can give you a discount on your residents' parking permit.

Discount permits for low emission vehicles

Who qualifies for the discount?

Only residents can apply for a discounted permit.

Your vehicle must not produce more than 100g/km of CO2. You can check the level of CO2 emissions your vehicle produces by entering the vehicle registration number into the vehicle enquiry service on the DVLA website

The discount only applies to annual residents’ parking permits – there is no six month greener vehicle permit.

If you own two greener vehicles, you can only have a discount on the first vehicle's permit.

Business permit holders are not entitled to a discount.

If you already have a discounted permit for a car that would not meet the new emissions standards, you can keep the discount until you change your vehicle.

How much?

A 12-month parking permit for greener vehicles costs £60.

How do I apply?

You need to follow the normal application or renewal process. (see residents’ permits).

We will need to see a copy of your vehicle registration document as proof that your vehicle is both Euro 5 compliant and producing less than or equal to 100g/km of CO2.

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