Residents’ permits

Apply for, or renew, your parking permit online.

  • To renew, you’ll just need your permit number and PIN number. (We’ll send you this in your reminder letter)
  • To apply, you’ll need to be registered for council tax and have your full UK driving licence handy.

Renew or apply for permit

Need help?

Where’s my PIN number? - We’ll send you a reminder letter in the month your permit is due to expire. This will include your PIN for online renewal. We’ve only started sending PIN numbers since 1 October 2017.  

September renewals - If you were eligible to renew online before 30 September, but didn’t manage to, please use the paper application form below. You won’t now be able to renew online.

Can’t apply online?

Some people may still want to, or have to, fill in an application/renewal form:

Residents’ parking permit application/renewal form (pdf)

Documents you need to send us

Submit your application

Post or collection?

Our address is:

h&f Direct Centre, Hammersmith Town Hall Extension, King Street, London W6 9JU

Let us know whether you want us to post your permit to you or whether you’d prefer to collect it. 

If you’ve chosen to collect it, we’ll contact you to let you know when it's ready.

Temporary parking permits

If you’re new to the borough or are applying for the first time and don’t have all the required proofs, don’t worry. You can apply for a 30-day temporary permit to give you time to get the paperwork together.  Find out about temporary permits

Residents’ parking permit charges

  • first permit 
    6 months - £71 
    12 months - £119.
  • second permit 
    6 months - £260  
    12 months - £497

Housing estate parking permits

For more information about parking on our housing estates please see housing estates parking

Greener vehicle permits

If you have a low-emission car, you may be eligible for a discount.

Greener vehicle discounts

Replacement permits

Changing your vehicle or moving within the borough? Or have you lost your parking permit? Use the relevant form below:

Second car permits

If members of your household have a car each, each person can apply for their own permit at the standard rate, as long as they can show us proof of their address.

If you own a second car, you can apply for a second car permit, provided that you already have a residents’ permit for your first car. Please use the residents’ parking permit application form linked above. There’s no need to show us proof of your address again.

Renew your existing permit

Most people renew their permit online.

Your parking permit details have to match your council tax account for you to renew online. Otherwise, the renewal process is the same as applying for the first time, so please follow the application process set out above.

We’ll send you a reminder about one month before your permit expires.

You have up to 14 days after your permit expires to use the online service. After that, you have to complete a new application form and provide full documentary evidence.

More help and information