Hartopp Point and Lannoy Point

Hartopp Point and Lannoy Point

Hartopp and Lannoy Points are two identical 14 storey blocks in Munster Ward of Hammersmith & Fulham, each containing 56 flats. They are part of the Aintree Estate.

They were built in 1968-70 using a technique known as ‘Large Panel System’ (LPS), the same system used in the Ronan Point disaster in 1969 in Newham. Some additional bracing was undertaken at Hartopp and Lannoy in 1970. The gas supply has been removed from the blocks.

H&F Council’s structural engineers confirmed in August 2017 that the both blocks are structurally sound. In addition, they recommended a second stage assessment involving more intrusive testing. The second stage assessment was completed in March 2018. To read the full Stage II report from our structural engineers, click here (pdf 4MB).

In March 2018 we also commissioned independent structural engineers Arup to validate our Stage II report, undertake further studies of void properties throughout the two blocks, and make further recommendations to the council.

Fire safety measures at Hartopp and Lannoy

Working with the London Fire Brigade (LFB) and leading fire strategist CS Todd & Associates, we have improved both blocks to keep residents safe, including:  

  1. Fire wardens are on site 24/7
  2. The installation of the communal fire alarm systems is complete.
  3. The production of a detailed Emergency Plan
  4. A secure premises information box
  5. Evacuation chairs installed
  6. Leading fire safety experts, CS Todd & Associates are reviewing our safety strategy
  7. A programme of works for fire related safety works

For more information about these safety measures, click here (pdf 340KB).

Can residents remain in Hartopp and Lannoy?

We are liaising with residents who have notified us that they are vulnerable due to a disability and have expressed a wish to move to another property. This is being treated as a priority and tenants supported in making these moves.

Our housing management team are now on site three times a week for drop-in service, for three hours at a time, as well as one Saturday morning each month.

Next steps

Independent structural engineers Arup are now checking the results of our structural engineers’ report and are making further intrusive surveys in void properties throughout the buildings – up to four flats in each block.

H&F are commissioning an evaluation of the blocks to understand the investment required to address the issues identified by the structural surveys.

H&F will continue to work with residents, the LFB and leading experts to understand the implications of the findings, when all the assessment stages are concluded.