Estate parking and garages

Garages and car spaces

The estate parking and garages team provide garage and car space lettings across multiple estate in the borough. Residents can apply for a garage or car space and will be contacted once one is available and their preferred location.

You can apply for a garage or car space on eligible estates. Apply for a discount or terminate your licence by visiting the Garages webpage.

If you wish to make a payment and have your payment reference number visit Make a payment for garage rent.

Cycle parking

If you live on an estate in the north of the borough you can apply to rent a space in a bike hangar by contacting the estate parking and garage team.

If you live on an estate in the south of the borough please contact your housing officer.

There is a yearly £20 rental fee plus £20 deposit which is on a first come first served basis and a space will not always be available.

Estate parking and garages team contact details

The estate parking and garage team can be contacted on 0208 753 5646 Mon-Fri 9am-5pm or by email to or

The estate parking and garages manager’s name is Ali Raza and he can be contacted by emailing

Please note that estate parking permits on housing estates that have traffic orders are issued by the permit services team. To apply go to Housing estates parking permits.

You can also contact them by calling 0208 753 6681 or emailing

To report an enforcement issue on an estate with a traffic order please email or call 0207 371 5678 Mon-Fri 9am-5pm.

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