Guide to children's centres

Details and locations of your local children's centres, including services and activities for families with children under 5 years old.

Children's centre activities

Children's centres offer activities for children aged 0 to 5 years old. When you attend a session for the first time, you may need to register with the centre.

Children's centre activity sessions:

  • are free, though sometimes you may have to pay a small fee
  • are inclusive regardless of need 
  • may take place online
  • require a booking in advance

Timetables for all activities can be found on the venue pages linked below.

Connect and Babble and Giggles and Wiggles

These sessions are for parents and carers to:

  • enjoy a safe fun environment 
  • meet other new parents
  • share experiences

Parents and carers and babies have space to explore the exciting toys and engage with a singing session.

Baby massage – 8 weeks to 8 months old

This session helps with reassuring your child with learnt stokes. It can also help with colic and calming your baby as well as a nice way to bond and engage with your baby. Please bring your own oil, such as sunflower or rapeseed oil.

Baby massage is available at:

Breast feeding and infant feeding specialist appointments

These appointments are available at:

The service is provided through the specialist health visiting team, telephone 020 8200 2500. The children's centre early years practitioners also offer breast feeding support within Family Hub Tudor Rose Community Centre.

Health visitor assessments

Health visitors support families with children from newborn to 4 years. Sessions will have either a walk-in clinic for weight checks or discussion about your child’s development. 

This service is available:

Learn and Play – newborn to 5 years old

Supporting your child’s development through play and creative activities. This helps to not only support your child’s development but to build their confidence and learning while having fun. 

These appointments are available at:

Messy Play – newborn to 5 years old

Supporting your child’s development through messy play. This engages the child to use their natural curiosity in engaging with different materials to encourage sensory play whilst also exploring language and communication to support your child to explore different textures, smells and creativity. 

This session is available at Randolph Beresford Family Annex.

Music groups – newborn to 5 years old

Singing and music

This session is available at:

Musiko Musika

Musiko Musika is part of the Learn and Play session. You will need to book into the Learn and Play to attend. These sessions are available at:

Perinatal services

A health visitor specialising in perinatal mental health occasionally attends the baby group at Family Hub Tudor Rose Community Centre on a Friday morning. She can also support with other health issues with the babies in these sessions. 

Individual perinatal services are also available through appointment only at:

For these appointments contact the perinatal team:

Speech and language assessments and support

Speech and language assessments are available once a month in each centre. An appointment is required through the speech and language service. For more information, please speak to a member of staff or call the Speech and language advice line: 

Speech and language support is also available at a Learn and Play session once a month at each centre, where a speech and language therapist attends. For more information, please ask a member of staff for the days they will be attending the 3 centres.

For low-level speech and language concerns, 'Talk Matters' using Vroom Tips to support your child’s language development is available. This is a 1-hour session for parents with their child and is facilitated by the early years team, whilst also supported by a speech and language therapist. Contact the children’s centre for more information. 

OM:POP – yoga and mindfulness for adult and child 

OM:POP sessions are available for 3 different age groups:

Urban Partnership Group (UPG) children's centre activities

You can download a list of all activities available at UPG children's centres on the UPG website.  

UPG run activities at:

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