Celebrating H&F: A borough like no other

Hammersmith & Fulham can rightly be called one of London’s smallest boroughs with a big history and even bigger future.

This section of our website aims to give you an idea of the great things that are happening and have happened in the borough.

We've also produced a poster charting the past, present and future of H&F in a straightforwardly understandable way. Download the Celebrating H&F poster (pdf 3.57MB).

Neither are a complete list but an introduction. They can only be completed when all our stories, and your story, are included. Hopefully, you can tell us about what you think needs to be added.

Perhaps you, your family, friends, or someone you think is doing something that should be recognised will be featured here in the future. We are all part of the rich tapestry, past, present and great future of this borough.

Please send us your activities, events and ideas to gaverne.bennett@lbhf.gov.uk

H&F timeline

View a timeline of H&F's history.

Black history trails

We have a number of walking trails you, your family and friends can explore across the borough.

The first trail starts with our rich musical tradition at Greensleeves records and ends in one of its most beautiful parks, Ravenscourt Park.

Pupils from St Stephen's CE Primary School, Shepherds Bush, have traced the footsteps of heroes from the Black community that make up our second trail.

Hidden gems along the route include Fanny Eaton's grave in Margravine cemetery, Esther Bruce's Plaque outside Charing Cross Hospital, and iconic landmarks like Hammersmith Bridge and Riverside Studios London.

View photos from St Stephen's Black history trail walk.

Choose a trail

Black history trail 1

Black history trail 2

Black history trail 3

Black music history trail

If you would add anything to the trails, or suggest a trail, email gaverne.bennett@lbhf.gov.uk

Black History character for this month

Each month we will be presenting a character from Black History you can use as a screen saver, print off and put in your office or school, or simply just learn something from reading it.

Our second tribute in March 2022 is to Ellen and William Craft.

Read our Black Historic figure spotlight.

Celebrating Black History 365

We celebrate Black History all year round with events and activities. Find out about our race equality and Black History cultural events.

We also have a section dedicated to Black History in H&F on our website.

Learn about H&F's black history.

Celebrating our football clubs

Hammersmith & Fulham is one of the very few boroughs that has 3 great football clubs - Chelsea FC, Fulham FC and Queens Park Rangers.

These are clubs with very rich histories and futures. We will be featuring all the excellent things these clubs are doing soon.

Chelsea, Fulham and Queens Park Rangers logos

Celebrating our libraries

Hammersmith & Fulham has a number of libraries. However, they are more just places where you can lend and borrow books. They are community hubs where you can organise activities, find out what is happening in the area, or simply just meet other residents.

Find out about our libraries.

History lessons for children

We aim to publish lesson plans every 2 weeks or so for primary schools that teachers can use directly in class or adapt material you can download every 2 or so weeks.

Download the Key Stage 2 local area study worksheets (pdf 887KB).

If there is anything you feel is not covered here email gaverne.bennett@lbhf.gov.uk

History lessons for young people and adults

We aim to have lessons for adults you can watch and material you can download every 2 weeks about different aspects of world history in general and Black History.

We will be covering the history presented in The Guardian Black History timeline and The British Library Black Literature timeline.

Have a look before you watch the talks to have an idea of what you will be learning about.

If there is anything you feel is not covered here or you would like to learn about email gaverne.bennett@lbhf.gov.uk