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Have your say: How new developments must help us combat climate change

Hammersmith & Fulham Council has prepared new planning guides to help ensure new homes and developments are more friendly to the environment.

The new ‘Supplementary Planning Document’ offers guidance to developers, landowners, homeowners, planning officers and other interested parties when preparing and assessing planning applications.

Please share your views before the deadline of Thursday 8 June.

New and improved standards

The new supplementary policies would apply to all new build homes, extensions and retrofitting of homes, non-domestic and mixed-use developments.

It would create new guidance in H&F for:

  • sustainable design and construction
  • air quality
  • flooding
  • energy
  • ecology
  • waste, and
  • transport and travel.

"Together with developers and residents, we want to transform the way we build, power and heat our buildings to ensure that new developments have no significant impact on our borough and the planet,” said Cllr Wesley Harcourt, H&F Cabinet Member on Climate Change & Ecology.

"This new guidance is another important step towards our ambitious target to reach net zero carbon emissions in H&F by 2030."

Climate emergency

By changing the way we build, heat and power our homes, we can create a borough with clean air, safe streets, green spaces for all and a strong local economy.

The new supplementary planning principles are designed to provide guidance to H&F’s Local Plan while addressing the climate and ecological emergency.

They reflect our vision for 2030, including our ambitious target to reach net zero carbon emissions in H&F by 2030.

Have your say

We welcome your comments on the Draft Climate Change SPD document:

The public consultation lasts until midnight on Thursday 8 June 2023.

Representations may be made either in writing or by email.

You can email your response to

Or send by post to:

Policy and Spatial Planning
1st Floor, 3 Shortlands
Hammersmith, W6 8DA.

An accessible copy of the SPD can be made available on request. Send an email to: