Where else can I recycle

Changes in waste and recycling services due to coronavirus

View our service update page for the latest advice on our recycling and rubbish services including bulky waste collections and street cleaning.

Not all recyclable materials will fit or be suitable for your home recycling Smart Sacks. Don't worry if this is the case, as there are loads of other places to put them to good use!

Recycling bring sites

There are more than 40 public recycling sites across the borough with smart banks and some with textile recycling banks.

Other recycling facilities

A to Z of recycling on the WRWA website

Reuse and Recycling Centre (the tip)

Our local waste authority, Western Riverside, runs two local reuse and recycling centres for residents and traders in H&F.

Smugglers Way and Cringle Dock recycling centres

Please check WRWA Reuse and Recycling Centres before you visit the tip.

Furniture, white goods and electrical appliance reuse

Find out how to book a bulky waste collection.

Recycling in schools

Find out what recycling services are on offer for schools.

Recycling in schools

Commercial waste and recycling

Find out about our competitive waste and recycling collection service.

Commercial waste and recycling

More information about recycling

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Reduce and reuse

See also our reduce and reuse pages.

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One Bin is Rubbish

The council has teamed up with Recycle for London to encourage residents to find creative ways to separate recycling from household waste as part of the London-wide campaign ‘One bin is rubbish’.

For more information and ‘bin hack’ tips visit Recycle for London 'One bin is rubbish'