Smart sacks

Information about smart sacks and how you use them to recycle.

Smart sacks are single-use bags used to collect recycling.

Find out what you can put in your smart sack

Smart sack deliveries

All residents who put their recycling and refuse at the kerbside for collection will get two rolls of smart sacks delivered twice a year.

This is a change from the previous arrangement of four deliveries per year but only one roll per delivery. This new arrangement will help to reduce costs and CO2 emissions.

Smart sacks are not provided to properties with the new green wheeled bins or communal recycling bins with an orange lid.

Residents using the recycling bins should put the recyclables straight into the bin. Loose filling the bin helps reduce unnecessary plastic bag use.

If you live in in a large block of flats on an estate or in a mansion block see smart bank recycling for estates or mansion blocks

Delivery date calendar

Please check the delivery date calendar below to see when you can next expect a delivery.

Find your smart sack delivery date

Your next delivery may only be a week away and your current stock of smart sacks could last until this time.

Request smart sacks

If your delivery date is not soon and you have run out of sacks, you can request another roll. 

Order more smart sacks

Collection points

You can pick smart sacks up from our libraries. Please call the library to check the availability of sacks.

Find your nearest library

Contact us

If you have any questions about deliveries of smart sacks please contact Cleaner Greener on 020 8753 1100 or at

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