Recycling for estates, flats and mansion blocks

How to recycle if you live in an estate, flat or mansion block.

Thank you! Recycling helps us save money. This year it costs £142 for us to dispose of a tonne of waste, compared to just £25 a tonne for recycling. Recycling also protects natural resources, saves energy and creates jobs. Visit the Recycle Western Riverside website, to find out more about the benefits.

If you live on an estate or in a large block of flats you will have a reusable bag to store and take your recycling to one of the following:

Smart Bank and reusable bag

Recycling chute and reusable bag

Recycling mini bank and reusable bag

Just moved into a flat? Contact or call 0208 7531100 to order your reusable bag today.

Composting in flats

Home composting is an excellent way to reduce the amount of food waste sent for expensive incineration. This year, you can help us save approximately £145 for every tonne of food waste saved.

Wormeries are ideal for flats with a balcony or ground floor garden and give you a free supply of compost and liquid fertilizer that is great for potted plants and window boxes. You can order subsidised wormeries (from £53) online. For full details of the offers or to place an order, visit the Get Composting website.

Delivery is £5.00 per order – allow up to 28 days. Please contact Evengreener, our provider, if you don’t receive your order within one month.

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