Breaches of planning control

Information on breaches of planning control in Hammersmith & Fulham.

A breach of planning control is when development takes place without the necessary consent from the council.

Examples include:

  • doing building works without planning permission
  • changing the use of a building without planning permission (e.g. from house to a shop)
  • building an extension not in line with the approved plans of a planning permission
  • not following the conditions of a planning permission (e.g. a restaurant staying open until 1am when a condition requires it to close at 11pm)
  • display of advertisement boards/hoardings without consent
  • works to protected trees without consent
  • alterations to listed buildings without consent

It is not an offence to carry out unauthorised works without our consent (except those on listed buildings and protected trees or the display of advertisements). However, you are at risk of enforcement action if we judge the unauthorised development to be harmful.

How to report a suspected breach of planning control

What is not a breach of planning control?

The Planning Enforcement team often receives complaints about matters which are not covered by the planning laws.

Examples include:

  • internal building works on properties - these works may require building regulations, contact the Building Control Team for more information
  • disputes about boundaries, damage to private property and blocking rights of way (these are civil matters which can only be resolved by the parties concerned)
  • loud noise or builders’ working hours contact the Noise Pollution Team
  • fly tipping, graffiti, flyposting or rubbish on the public highways contact the Streetscene Enforcement Team
  • health and safety on building sites contact the Health and Safety Executive

Permitted development rights

There are some forms of development which can be carried out under permitted development rights. If a development is classed as ‘permitted development’, planning permission is not required and we have no powers to control the development.

Visit permitted development rights for more details

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