Frequently asked questions about business parking permits

Answers to questions about parking permits for residents businesses and visitors.

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How do I apply for a business or market trader parking permit?

See Apply for a business or market trader parking permit

I am a business owner, are my staff allowed a business parking permit?

No. The business permit aims to make parking easier for rate-paying business owners. It is not meant to provide cheaper parking for employees.

How many permits can I apply for?

Business can apply for up to two parking permits. These permits are intended to help with the essential running of your business, such as deliveries and visiting clients. They are not for cheaper parking for employees.

Market traders can only apply for one permit.

Who can't apply for a business or market trader permit?

You can’t apply if:

  • you are a business and your vehicles was designed for more than 12 passengers (not counting the driver) or it’s over 2.28m in height (a market trader parking permit can be issued to vehicles that exceed 2.28 meters in height)
  • you have three or more unpaid penalty charge notices in your name or for the vehicle in the application, that are beyond the appeal stage
  • your company’s property is not in a controlled parking zone eg the Imperial Wharf development
  • your vehicle is not registered with the DVLA within six months of arriving in the UK
  • your company doesn’t need a vehicle for the essential running of your business, ie for use by employees to commute into the borough.

How long is my permit valid for?

Parking permits can be purchased for one month, six months or twelve months, unless it's fully electric, then a free twelve month permit is issued for that vehicle.

Your permit is valid from the first day of the month in which you buy it and you should renew your permit before the expiry date. We’ll send you a reminder one month before the expiry date.

Why is the price of a second parking permit so high?

To reduce the demand for parking in our busy borough, we must either limit the number of parking permits or increase their price to discourage the use of cars. A majority of residents and businesses have said they were against limiting the number of permits available per household. Therefore we have set the price of a second residents’ permit with the aim of reducing the number of second cars parked here.

Is there a discount for 'green' vehicles?

H&F have introduced a green parking permit for businesses and market traders, which is 50% cheaper than standard business permits and available for 'green’ vehicles. Permits for fully electric vehicles are free.

Where can’t I park with my permit?

With a permit you can park in any bay in your zone except bays marked for:

  • blue badge holders
  • personalised disabled permit holders
  • motorcycles
  • taxis
  • parking bays restricted to pay and display users only
  • diplomatic vehicles
  • doctors
  • traders
  • loading by goods vehicles only.

Your parking permit does not allow you to park within housing estates or on private roads.

Can I park with a trailer attached to my vehicle?

No. Attaching a trailer makes the permit invalid and you may be fined.

How do you decide which parking zones need changes?

We choose which zones to review according to the level of parking demand at different times of the day (including commuter parking), the number of complaints about parking problems, and how close the zone is to the borough’s three major football venues. Once we have chosen a zone to review, we consult local residents and businesses about improving the zone.

I have been refused a parking permit, can I appeal?

If you are unhappy with our decision, you can appeal in writing. We can’t accept appeals from residents or businesses outside the borough or from those who have been refused a permit at a permit-free property.

Can I have a permit if my vehicle is not registered in the UK?

The DVLA requires all foreign-registered vehicles to be registered in the UK within the first six months. This makes vehicle owners accountable for their actions. We support this by only offering six-month permits to all drivers of foreign-registered vehicles. We will not renew your permit unless you register your vehicle with the DVLA.

Why have I been refused a permit just because I have not paid my parking tickets?

We do not issue permits to anyone who has three or more unpaid parking fines that are beyond the appeal stage. This also applies if you want to renew your existing permit. Once you’ve paid the fines, you can apply in the usual way.

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