H&F set to launch biggest-ever council community investment to fund green projects

The scheme would allow residents and businesses the opportunity to earn a fixed return on their investment.

Heat pump installation
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Hammersmith & Fulham Council is set to offer a new investment which allows the community to fund local climate and ecological projects.

The green scheme is aiming to raise up to £5 million over the next few years, which would make it the largest investment issued by a UK council.

It would allow residents and businesses the opportunity to make an impact in their community, and earn a fixed return on their low-risk investment.

The scheme was announced by Cllr Rowan Ree, H&F Cabinet Member for Finance and Reform at a full council meeting on Wednesday 1 November.

Cllr Ree said: “This is a rare win-win-win. Residents can make an investment with a fixed return and know that their money is being invested in projects that will help improve their area. And the council can borrow at a lower rate, reducing the interest costs on green projects.”

Invest locally

The proposed investment would help fund community and council projects to improve H&F’s environment, says the Green Finance Institute.

Such projects can span a range of improvement schemes, including:

  • retrofitting projects, such as adding solar panels and heat pumps to power our buildings and local homes more efficiently
  • new cycle lanes and bike parking to build on H&F’s growing cycle transport network
  • more sustainable drainage schemes to help reduce the risk of local flooding in times of heavy rain.

The scheme is set to be approved by H&F’s Cabinet on Monday 6 November. Watch this space for more details.

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