Hammersmith Cycle Hub

Information about the free Hammersmith Cycle Hub where residents and commuters can now park their cycles safely and securely.

Cycle storage with red and blue vinyl graphics and white shapes of cyclists attached to the outside of the hub.

Exterior of the new Hammersmith Cycle Hub

Residents and commuters can now park their cycles safely and securely at the FREE new Hammersmith Cycle Hub.

It’s located under the Hammersmith Flyover at the top of Fulham Palace Road.

Hub location on Google Maps

What is it?

The Hammersmith Cycle Hub is the first cycle storage hub built in H&F. It features the very best cycle security available. It has been designed for residents, visitors and, most of all, commuters to have a secure place to leave their bikes.

Located in midst of the hussle and bussle of Hammersmith Broadway, the hub provides a convenient solution for travellers to cycle to the station, leave their bike and continue their journey by tube or bus.

Access to the unit will be for members only. It’s free!

How do I use it?

To use the hub, you’ll need to become a member. This will enable you to use the app to request a space.

To register, download the app:

How many bikes does it hold?

The hub holds 82 bicycles and three dedicated e-cargo bikes bays.

Each cycle storage unit is a Streetpod, an accredited recommended by the Met Police that offers maximum bike protection for public location and open spaces.

The Streetpod has been rated Sold Secure Diamond, the highest level of bicycle security.

What does it cost?

H&F Council is determined to encourage more residents to cycle. Which means there is no charge to users in the first year.

Can I leave my bike there for long periods of time?

No. The hub is designed to give commuting cyclists a flexible and easy secure cycle parking facility. Bikes should not be parked for longer than 24 hours. Our door entry system and the app will remind you how long you have parked.

Will I always get a parking place?

No. If the hub is full, it’s full.

Is it safe?

The cycle hub has its own CCTV system and is linked to the council’s extensive CCTV network. It means the hub is monitored in real time, at all times, to prevent any issues with misuse or thieves and give users full confidence.

The door entry system can only be used by members.

While we have incorporated high level security, each hub member is individually responsible of the secure fastening of their bikes to the racks.

We strongly recommend a heavy duty ‘D’ lock, as well as to take out your own theft insurance.

What other facilities does the Hub offer?

We’ve taken the opportunity to include both a cycle tool stand complete with quality repair tools, and a heavy duty cycle pump.

Users of the unit will also notice that we’ve also added a number of lock stores adjacent to the racks where regular users can leave their heavy ‘D’ locks overnight rather than carrying it on their bikes, if needed.

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