North End Road is blooming following improvement works

Fulham’s historic North End Road has been given a boost following a £1.9m investment led by H&F Council.

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A new seating area on North End Road

The flowers are out in Fulham’s historic North End Road, which has been given a boost following a £1.9m investment led by Hammersmith & Fulham Council.

It’s all part of H&F’s commitment to making North End Road even better for shopping and eating.

“We hope visitors enjoy the new plants, trees and seating, as well as the increased stop-and-shop parking at only 40p for an hour, " said Cllr Ben Coleman, H&F's Deputy Leader.

He added, "We've also made it more attractive to have a stall in North End Road, with water and electricity for all traders and a special offer for new stallholders."

Blooming beautiful

From Bramber Road to Vanston Place, 30 new cherry blossom trees have been planted, each in a sustainable flower bed.

The bricks used to build the planters absorb rainwater running off the pavement, helping to keep the street clear in heavy rainfall while watering each plant in an environmentally friendly way.

The trees are surrounded by a selection of seasonal flowers including daffodils and tulips, chosen for their bright colours, environmental benefits, and hardiness.

We’ve also planted a new flower bed to replace two old, out-of-order phone boxes removed by BT near the Lillie Road West Kensington (Stop BK) bus stop.

This new use of space has widened the pavement, making it easier to use the nearby loading bays or queue for a bus, and has ensured the street is safer and cleaner day and night.

All planting was picked based on recommendations made by the Hammersmith Community Gardens Association.

Safer pavements

The new greenery can also be enjoyed from any of the road’s five new, step-free seating areas.

The seats, surrounded by planting, are a great place to enjoy a takeaway coffee or rest after shopping, and can be found along the length of North End Road’s market area.

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New planters on North End Road

To support our traders, we’ve laid new paving, replaced kerbs and levelled market pitches, making it easier and safer to put up a stall. Pitch improvements have also introduced new electrical charge points and providing access to water for all traders.

“The traders have a lot more space now, and the changes have definitely made shopping a lot nicer for the customers,” added Viner Ramos, a market trader turned shop owner selling Filipino goods.

“I found the improvements very helpful for my stall and the planting looks really good.”

To further increase safety at night, we’ve also upgraded each lamppost along the market with brighter lights.

How about taking a stall?

Are you interested in becoming a market trader on North End Road?

We’ve got a great new offer to help you decide if joining our market is the next business move for you.

This includes:

  • a week’s free pitch rental and reduced fees for up to a further 18 months
  • a free street trading licence for a month
  • a free parking permit for up to 18 months.

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Cllr Ben Coleman on North End Road

Watch Cllr Ben Coleman introduce our offer for new North End Road market traders on YouTube.

Find out more about our offer here.

Reduced-price parking

H&F’s improvement works have also made it easier than ever to park up and do a quick shop.

We’ve introduced a further 28 reduced-price shopper parking pays near North End Road, each costing only 20p for 30 minutes. The new bays have added to the existing spaces, making a total of 53 low-cost bays.

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A map of the reduced price parking spots near North End Road

Visitors can renew their parking spot once and pay 40p to park for an hour. Shoppers can pay via the RingGo app or by calling 020 3292 9230.

Plan your next visit

Residents are invited to come down and enjoy the new and improved shopping experience first-hand.

“Our amazing market gets nearly 30,000 visitors every week,” said Cllr Ben Coleman. “Why not come down and test the waters? I look forward to seeing you here.”

North End Road’s market runs six days a week, Monday – Saturday, 8am to 6pm, and is stocked with everything from fresh fruit and vegetables to ladies clothing.

Several times a year H&F hosts seasonal day markets with more than 150 stalls selling home décor, street food from around the world, plants and more.

To keep up with all of North End Road’s news, including updates on our upcoming seasonal markets, visit our dedicated webpage.

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