Zero-tolerance for violence against women and girls

H&F Council takes a zero-tolerance approach against all forms of gender-based harassment and abuse, wherever it occurs.

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H&F Law Enforcement officer and Women’s Safety Champion Akash Bagga (left) speaking to local residents as part of our recent eight-night operation to increase women’s safety at night

Hammersmith & Fulham Council takes a zero-tolerance approach against all forms of gender-based harassment and abuse, wherever it occurs.

Ending violence against women and girls – including domestic abuse – continues to be a key priority for the council in our bid to create a safer borough for all.

Cllr Sue Fennimore, Deputy Leader of Hammersmith & Fulham, said: “What this strategy seeks to do is to get early intervention, support victims and work to prevent any further violence.

“We need you to help us to end this type of abuse, that so many women have suffered from for so many years and generations.

“We’re not prepared to accept it in this borough and we’re doing everything we can to keep women safe.”

We understand that no one person or organisation alone can do this, so we’re working in partnership with local agencies and experts.

This approach is described in our pioneering new strategy developed with local residents, businesses and specialist service providers for survivors.

VIDEO: Deputy Leader Cllr Sue Fennimore introduces H&F’s new strategy

Our new strategy seeks to:

  • prevent violence against women and girls
  • support survivors of abuse
  • hold abusers accountable
  • create change through collaboration.

Read the H&F Violence Against Women and Girls Strategy 2022 to 2027 here.

Supporting survivors

Everyone’s experience with gender-based violence is different, and so are people’s needs. We want to ensure people get the support they need – when they need it.

Part of the urgent actions we’re taking to support victims of gender-based crime is our partnership with the Angelou service, which H&F Council recently renewed.

The 10 participating partner agencies that form the Angelou service work together to support women and girls experiencing domestic or sexual violence in H&F.

They can help with:

  • sexual violence or abuse, including rape and child exploitation
  • domestic abuse, this includes familial as well as partner relations
  • stalking and harassment
  • harmful practices, such as FGM and honour-based violence
  • faith-based violence
  • support tailored to specific backgrounds and needs, such as ethnicity and sexual orientation.

If you or someone you needs help, find out more about our local support services here.

By working together with an established and diverse network of local specialist service providers, including culturally sensitive and LGBTQI+ services, we ensure that help is available and accessible for all survivors.

Safety is our #1 priority

In addition to our efforts to end violence against women and girls, we are also working hard to improve the safety of women in public places in the borough.

We’ve invested £4.6million in crime prevention through our new 72-strong Law Enforcement Team, whose officers patrol the borough day and night.

In addition, the team has dedicated, specially trained women’s safety champions as an additional means to make women and girls feel safer around the borough.

Learn how we’re increasing the safety of women in public places here.

We’re also investing an extra £5.4m to expand and improve our CCTV network that plays a key role in keeping everyone in H&F safe.

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