H&F parks go electric to improve air quality and reduce noise

Parks maintenance in Hammersmith & Fulham is going electric!

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idverde display some of their new electric-powered kit with Cllr Sharon Holder (centre)

Parks maintenance in Hammersmith & Fulham is going electric!

On Wednesday (17 March), Hammersmith & Fulham Council invited its contractors idverde to display some of their new electric-powered kit that keeps H&F looking its best.

“Our parks and green spaces ensure a high quality of life for our residents and wildlife,” says Cllr Sharon Holder, H&F’s Cabinet Member for Strategy.

“These new electrical tools will support the vital work of our open spaces and will ensure we can continue to work towards a greener, more sustainable future.”

On display was a new, greener tractor, and road sweeper, two all-electrical ride-on small lawnmowers and an electric transport van. These new electrical vehicles and other power tools were required as part of the council’s new grounds maintenance contract.

The new five-year contract, which started last month, required the successful company to use a ‘green fleet’. Seventy-five percent of our ground maintenance vehicles will be electric by the end of the year, along with all handheld tools, to improve air quality and fight climate change. The switch to electric power is estimated to reduce carbon emissions by 51 per cent.

Fighting climate change

We’re taking action across our parks to fight climate change and become the country’s greenest borough.

Local residents and school pupils recently helped us plant our second ever Tiny Forest in Normand Park, Fulham. A third forest is planned for Eel Brook Common, Fulham, later this year.

Each Tiny Forest features around 600 native trees and shrubs, with species chosen based on a site’s soil, desired canopy heights and benefits to wildlife.

Within their first three years, Tiny Forests can attract up to 500 different species of plant and wildlife, from ladybirds through to hedgehogs, increasing an area’s biodiversity and helping to tackle climate change.

Climate emergency

In 2019 H&F declared a climate and ecological emergency and pledged to improve the local environment for future generations and cut carbon emissions to net zero by 2030.

We’re committed to transitioning away from fossil fuels to ensure we reach our target. Read more about our Vision for 2030 here.

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