Hammersmith pupils win major ‘green’ award for their school

Pupils at Brackenbury Primary School are shouting about winning a prestigious Green Flag award.

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Students from Brackenbury Primary School taking part in a litter pick

Pupils at Brackenbury Primary School are shouting about winning a prestigious Green Flag award for their efforts to help fight climate change.

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Brackenbury pupils show off their Green Flag

From introducing new compost bins, holding paper-free days, cutting down their energy usage by turning off lights and screens, and even looking to change the school’s energy supplier, the entire Hammersmith school worked hard to improve its ecological credentials over the past two years.

One of Brackenbury’s specialist Catch Up Teachers Isabel Czyba said: “Our pupils are very proud about the award. We know that change begins with children and that’s why it’s so important to educate and excite them. They’re the ones who can really affect the future.”

The changes have been popular. One Year 3 student said: “I saved the environment by using less energy, playing in the garden a lot and having a good time with my family.”

Students also took part in a litter pick to prevent plastic entering the Thames. It was so successful that the school plans to introduce one pick every year during the school day.

Next generation of climate change ambassadors

As part of their environmental commitments, teachers at Brackenbury Primary have joined the United Nations’ Climate Change eduCCate courses, with six members of staff already qualifing as Climate Change and Sustainability teachers. As a result, the school received a United Nations eduCCate bronze certification.

Teachers at Miles Coverdale primary in Shepherds Bush have also joined the eduCCate Global Programme.

It’s accredited by UN CC:Learn (the One United Nations Climate Change Learning Partnership) and delivers the climate change teacher course and the climate curriculum for all ages, which will be taught throughout existing school curriculum. The aim is to train every teacher in the school.

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