Art and music are helping to teach kids about the climate crisis

H&F is teaching children about the climate crisis this summer through a series of workshops.

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Royal College of Art graduates leading climate and ecology art workshops

H&F is teaching children about the climate crisis this summer through a series of workshops with the Royal College of Art and the English Chamber Orchestra.

Summer in the City

The annual H&F Summer in the City programme offers free food and fun activities and events for children and young people. We’re focusing on creative ways to engage children and families with the environment and ecology.

Art workshops

Royal College of Art graduates led drop-in art workshops with children and young people exploring what a cleaner, greener and carbon neutral H&F might look like. Participants engaged in a range of creative mediums including writing, drawing, print making and badge making.

 “This is the recycling symbol of the earth,” said Dulguun, 7 and a half. “If we don’t recycle and throw away it will just be a waste. If we recycle we can make old things into new things.”

“Since we are in a hot condition we need to take care of the environment and take care of the plants. The more we do this, it prevents us from climate change which is not good for us. I'd like to see clean air for us to breathe in, animals free and the earth how it looks like before,” said Retaj, 11 years old.

Close Encounters

The renowned English Chamber Orchestra with support from The Barratt Foundation is presenting a Close Encounters a series of music workshops to explore musical mini-beasts and let children explore instruments they may not have played before.

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English Chamber Orchestra Close Encounters workshop with young people aged 7-11

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