Residents lead fight to tackle the climate emergency

Passionate residents helping H&F Council tackle the climate crisis met for the first-time last month.

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Members of the new resident-led Climate and Ecological Emergency Commission. Picture back row, centre is chair Paul Beaty-Pownall

Passionate residents helping Hammersmith & Fulham Council tackle the climate crisis met for the first-time last month.

Recently, the council declared a climate emergency and set a target for the borough to be net carbon zero by 2030.

The new resident-led Climate and Ecological Emergency Commission will spearhead this work. The commission is made up of a small group of residents chosen for their passion and expertise.

“The climate emergency is one of the biggest challenges we face,” said Cllr Wesley Harcourt, H&F Cabinet Member for Environment.

“So, we’re working closely with residents to agree the changes we all need to make to help the environment. Having residents driving our bigger projects is key to how we work in Hammersmith & Fulham.”

The commission

The energetic group of residents serving on the commission were selected from a swathe of applicants and stood out as being residents for whom the climate crisis was a personal priority.

The commission will now advise the council on how it can achieve its goal of net carbon zero by 2030 and ensures that we’re working with residents, rather than doing things to them

Chaired by local resident Paul Beaty-Pownall, the commission comprises a blend of residents with expert knowledge and those who simply have a strong interest in the environment.

“The scale of the threat to our way of life posed by the climate and ecological emergency requires urgent action, but it also requires an understanding of the causes of climate change if a catastrophe is to be avoided in the near future,” said Paul, commission chair.

“As residents of Hammersmith & Fulham we need to understand how great it would be to live in a zero-carbon society and help make sure that council policies enable us to look forward to a prosperous, clean and healthy future.”

The other commissioners are: Holly Larrett, Morag Carmichael, Yvonne Insh, Artin Amjady, Stephen Farrant, William Reynolds, Pat Tookey, Cecilia Tacoli, Sian Alexander, Eleanor Harrington and Helen Dell (Eleanor and Helen not pictured).

The inaugural meeting was to formalise roles and agree planned actions for the year ahead.

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