Secure cycle storage units hit H&F streets this summer

New, secure on-street bike storage units will be appearing on H&F streets later this month.

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The new cycle storage units can house up to six bikes securely

New, secure on-street bike storage units will be appearing on H&F streets later this month.

Residents told us they were keen to see new secure bike storage facilities called ‘bike hangars’ on local streets.

Later this month, the first 11 units will be installed across the borough, with a further 18 locations coming later in the year.

“We’re delighted that residents share our enthusiasm for making cycling safer and easier in H&F,” said Cllr Wesley Harcourt, H&F Cabinet Member for Environment.

“These units take up very little space, but will allow up to six people who may not necessarily have room in their homes for a bike, to safely and securely house their cycles.

“Hopefully people who previously haven’t used a bike due to lack of storage at home, can now get pedalling around the borough.”

The first 11 units will be installed in:

  • Bassein Park Road
  • Curwen Road
  • Dunraven Road
  • Adie Road
  • Masbro Road
  • Trevanion Road
  • Vereker Road
  • Lime Grove
  • Rainville Road
  • Eynham Road
  • Shinfield Street

View a map of the current and future bike hanger sites (pdf 816KB).

Neat cycle storage solution

Bike hangars can securely store up to six residents’ bicycles.

The locations have been selected based on where residents have told us they want them and where they’ll cause the minimum disruption to on-street parking.

Hangars are rented by residents, who register their details and are each given a key to the unit. The annual rental fee, of less than £7 per month, includes all maintenance and administration.

The units are being funded by Transport for London (TfL).

Find out more about bike hangars and how to request one near your home.

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