H&F Council hails remarkable response after terror attack in Parsons Green

H&F Council paid tribute to members of the community for their incredible response last Friday.

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Dave Spoerry from the White Horse pub in Parsons Green

Hammersmith & Fulham Council has paid tribute to members of the community for their incredible response to the terrorist incident in Parsons Green last Friday morning.

Emergency services, local business owners and residents all came together to help everyone affected after a bomb partially exploded on a busy rush hour tube train as it pulled into the station at Parsons Green.

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Local residents offered facilities in their home to everyone affected by the incident

From the businesses handing out free food and drinks to residents; to the chemist helping organise emergency medication for residents whose homes were evacuated; and the residents of the Lancaster Court Estate helping at the council’s rest centre and the many more local residents who opened up their homes to those affected – the response was truly impressive.

Cllr Sue Fennimore, Deputy Leader of Hammersmith & Fulham Council, said: “I would like to thank everyone who responded so quickly and bravely to help those in need. Our hearts go out to those injured in the attack.

“Friday was a deeply traumatic day, but the response from local residents, businesses, schools, the police, emergency services and local places of worship was outstanding and we offer our sincere thanks to them all.”

Community response

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Bobby Chana, owner of Chana Chemist in North End Road

Among the local residents and business owners who deserve special thanks include Bobby Chana, owner of Chana Chemist in North End Road.

Bobby provided emergency replacement medication for local residents at the council’s rest centre in Lancaster Court after their homes were evacuated. “It was great to see all the community mucking in together,” he said.

“The community spirit was absolutely amazing with everyone helping each other out after such a horrible event. But I couldn't have helped local residents without my assistant manager Jean Salmon who was preparing all the medication at the pharmacy, as I ran around delivering it to the residents. And the Ashville surgery also went the extra mile helping us to take care of all the residents in need of medication.”

Also helping out on the day was Dave Spoerry, the deputy manager at the White Horse pub in Parsons Green. He invited victims of the terror attack into the pub where they were given tea, coffee and soft drinks throughout the day. The pub also provided lunch to the victims as well as to staff at the Parsons Green walk-in centre.

"I was here when the attack happened and we welcomed around 60 people,” Dave said. “Everyone was so patient and thankful that they had somewhere to sit and be taken care of. It was the least we could do after such a horrid thing happened in our community.”

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Teo Catino, owner of Il Pagliaccio restaurant in Wandsworth Bridge Road

While Teo Catino, owner of Il Pagliaccio restaurant in Wandsworth Bridge Road, rushed to the scene to give away pizzas and water to members of the emergency services.

“I always try to do my bit for the community,” Teo said. “When a tragic thing such as a terrorist attack happens on your doorstep you need to drop everything and put the community first – and that is what we saw on Friday. Everyone came together and took care of one another.”

H&F Council would also like to thank the tenant and residents’ association from the Lancaster Court Estate, including Shelly Cracknell, Tina Chamberlin, Mandy Golding and Marie Thomas, who along with council staff, helped open the rest centre and offered support to those affected during the day-long evacuation of local homes.

Tributes from Lady Margaret School

The expression of thanks was equally strong for the nearby Lady Margaret School, with parents paying tribute to how well-informed they were kept about their children's well-being and on the arrangements for leaving school at the end of the day.

Headteacher Elisabeth Stevenson paid tribute to her staff and the local community by saying: “I was incredibly proud of my colleagues and of our students, all of whom reacted with good sense, good humour and with great kindness. Everyone looked after each other throughout the day.

“We also had great support from parents and from local clergy, particularly Rev Tim Stilwell from St Dionis, and we had clear and helpful advice from the police. And thanks to Kevin Sharkey, manager at Little Waitrose in Parsons Green, who provided us with emergency extra food which was much appreciated by all and made a big difference. It was a day which showed the great strength of our school community, and we are incredibly thankful that all were safe and well.”

What happened?

Police have made several arrests following Friday’s attack in which 30 people were injured when a home-made bomb partially exploded on a tube train arriving at Parsons Green station.

Many people suffered burns, while others were injured in a stampede as panicked commuters fled the train and platform.

Do you have images or video from Parsons Green?

The police are appealing for information, images or video from the Parsons Green tube or station from the morning of the terrorist incident. Anyone with images from the scene should upload them to: www.ukpoliceimageappeal.co.uk.

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H&F Council staff at the Lancaster Court estate rest centre following the terrorist incident at Parsons Green tube station

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