Children create bags of fun for Fulham’s North End Road traffic-free market

They will join their teachers on the day, giving them the chance to display their work to the public and raise funds.

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The young artists proudly display their bags

Hundreds of Fulham school children have designed colourful canvas bags to be sold at North End Road traffic-free market on Saturday (8 October).

The event runs from 10am to 5pm and is funded by Hammersmith & Fulham Council.

The pupils used permanent markers to turn their bags into works of art. Children will join their teachers on the day, giving them the chance to display their work to the public and raise funds for their schools.

The project was created by the North End Road Action Group, which works to revive the high street and promote its historic market. It is now in its second year with more schools taking part.

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“It’s a great opportunity for children to learn about the market and the local community,” said the group’s acting chairman Mark Richardson.

“Markets are social places and bring both health and economic benefits to the local area. Children are our future and if they don’t learn to use markets, the markets will disappear.

“Last year was really successful. They’d sold all their bags by about 2pm, the children really enjoyed it and it raised money for the schools taking part.”

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Nearly 300 children took part from St John Lillie Primary

Sir John Lillie Primary and Melcombe Primary are back after their success last year. This time they’ll be joined by Normand Croft Primary and Sulivan Primary.  

Almost 300 pupils, from years seven to 11, are taking part from Sir John Lillie Primary School in Lillie Road, Fulham. Click here to see some of their colourful designs.

“Last year we had so many fantastic comments from the public about our bags,” said headteacher Sue Hayward. “The children were so proud to be complimented on their art.

“We loved working alongside the market; it’s such an enormous part of the community and it’s important for us to be part of it.”

Tesco are sponsoring the project this year, posting fundraisers at their stores to help cover the cost of the materials.

North End Road’s traffic-free autumn market will be packed with stalls selling great gifts, beautiful crafts, jewellery and art, stylish clothes, delicious food and refreshing drinks.

There will also be a children’s funfair and live music on Saturday 8 October.

Visit our North End Road Market web page to find out more.

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Each pupil created a colourful, unique design

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