Home safety and security

Fire safety

There are some simple ways you can help keep your home safe from a fire:

  • make sure you have smoke alarms on every floor of your house and test them regularly 
  • keep communal areas and hallways clear of obstructions, such as furniture, bikes and boxes 
  • plan an escape route and make sure everyone in the house knows how to get out in the event of a fire 
  • take extra care in the kitchen and never leave cooking unattended. Never, ever use a chip pan or any other pan filled with hot oil 
  • put cigarettes out properly and don’t leave candles unattended 
  • if you have concerns about any of your electrical appliances, don’t use them until you can get them checked 
  • do not overload electric sockets – most can only take a maximum of 13 amps 
  • keep matches and lighters away from children 
  • keep clothes well away from heaters and open fires 
  • don’t charge things like mobile phones, tablets or e-cigerettes overnight, or longer than the recommended charging time.

The best way to reduce the risk of fire is to be aware of any potential dangers or hazards that may cause a fire.

Further information

Get advice from the London Fire Brigade:

Council leaseholders can visit our page on staying safe from fire, gas and asbestos.

Home security

The Safer Homes Scheme from Bishop Creighton House offers home security checks for people in Hammersmith and Fulham, and for a small fee can then install any necessary equipment to make your home more secure.

This service is for people aged over 65, those with a disability and victims of hate crime, burglary and domestic violence who live in H&F. 

You can get practical help and advice from local crime prevention officers on how to make your home more secure. For more information, see Local police information | LBHF

Neighbourhood & Home Watch is a voluntary network of schemes where neighbours come together, along with the police and local partners, to build safe and friendly communities. The website offers safety and security advice and can put you in touch with your local scheme.

Utilities - gas, electricity and water

Find out who to contact in case of emergencies such as an electricity power cut, gas leak or a problem with your water supply.

View our emergency out of hours information.

Priority Services Register (PSR)

The Priority Services Register is a completely free service, designed to make it easier for those who need a little extra help.

Each water, gas and electricity network operator maintain their own register.

Cadent Gas - Priority Services Register

UK Power Networks - Priority Services Register

Thames Water - Priority Services Register

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