Resident involvement

Transforming our housing service, putting residents at the heart of decision making.

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Your views and opinions are important to us and your involvement can make a real difference to services and your community.

There are lots of different ways to get involved, the table below shows the activities you can take part in and the groups you can join. We will help you get involved by giving you the knowledge, skills and tools to join us.

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How often

In your Community

Estate Inspections


Tenants and Residents Associations (TRAs)

At least quarterly

Roadshows, Events and Action Days

As and when needed

Come and Help Us Improve our Services

Mystery Shopping

As and when needed

Reading Group

As and when needed

Involving Residents in Housing Staff Recruitment

As and when needed

Fire Safety Plus Residents Advisory group


Estate Services Working Group


Repairs Working Group


Communications Workshops

2 - 4 times a year

Investment Group

Every other month

Inclusion Workshops

2 - 4 times a year

Borough Housing Forum


Leasehold Forum

3 meetings a year

Sheltered Housing Forum

Every other month

Housing Representatives Forum

Seven meetings per year

Meetings calendar

2018 meeting dates for our resident involvement groups (xlsx 40KB)

Resident involvement information pack

You can download the handy Resident Involvement information pack (pdf 10.1MB) which contains all the information on resident involvement web pages and more.

All of our groups and forums work to a code of conduct (pdf 95.5KB) which sets out what we expect from you, and you can expect at meetings.

Resident involvement strategy

Find out more about the aims and objectives for involvement for 2016-2018 that we have agreed with residents.

Resident Involvement Strategy 2016-2018 (pdf 2.2MB)

Getting support to get involved

We can help you get involved by giving you the knowledge, skills and tools to join us.

Getting support to get involved

News and updates

Keeping you up-to-date with what’s happening in your community and across the borough.

TRA news, training for involved residents and other bulletins.

Get involved and find your space

Find a TRA hall or room for hire, or rent a space for a longer period of time.

Get involved and find your space

Get involved and make a bid

Find out how to submit a Neighbourhood Improvement Fund or Housing Estate Improvement Project bid.

Get involved and make a bid

Contact us

Contact the team and find out how your involvement fits into the wider resident involvement structure.

020 8753 6652

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