What is a fire risk assessment?

A Fire Risk Assessment (FRA) is a check which we are required by law to do for all housing blocks for which the council is the landlord.

FRAs help identify what we need to do to prevent fire and help keep people safe in their homes. They are done using a standard checklist which is used for all FRAs across the country.

Our most recent FRAs for all our blocks over six storeys are published on our H&F Fire Safety Plus pages.

How often?

Following the tragic fire at Grenfell Tower we have decided to update all FRAs in Hammersmith & Fulham. Following this we will have an on-going programme which updates FRAs depending on the type of building and the level of risk that the assessor places on it. Also, if we do work which changes the building, we need to update the FRA.

What does an FRA tell us?

FRAs identify potential fire risks and the measures we need take to minimise or eliminate risk. Some of the key things FRAs look at are the safety and integrity of exit routes; the measures in place to stop or slow down the spread of a fire; and whether there is anything inside the building that could start, accelerate or spread a fire.

FRAs provide an overview of potential fire safety issues in a building at the time of the assessment. One common type of risk that FRAs identify are obstructions of communal areas, hallways and fire doors.

As the FRA will not pick up hazards in place after the FRA is completed it’s important that residents report any concerns they might have about fire safety.

Our commitment to openness

We want to give residents as much information as possible about fire safety in their home and so we will be publishing all the FRAs as we update them. Due to the number of FRAs, we will be publishing them in batches.

If you have any questions about specific FRAs please email FireSafetyHousing@lbhf.gov.uk or call 020 8753 6833.

I can't find the FRA for my block - where is it?

View the fire risk assessment schedule for tower blocks of six storeys or more

Not all the actions listed in the FRA for my block have been completed - why not?

All urgent actions identified in the FRA will be prioritised and should be completed as quickly as possible. Non-urgent works might be completed at the same time as other planned works to minimise any disruption to residents. If you have concerns about any actions that you don’t believe have been completed, please contact us on 020 8753 6833.

If risks are identified in my building, is it safe?

Yes, your building is safe unless the London Fire Brigade, who we work with closely, say otherwise. None of the residents in blocks in Hammersmith & Fulham have had to move out because of immediate safety concerns.

What can I do to help keep my block safe?

We really appreciate your help in keeping your family and neighbours safe. Please keep corridors and communal areas clear of objects or litter and please be careful not to block fire exits.

Read more on this on our H&F Fire Safety Plus pages.

Free safety checks for every council high-rise home

We are offering every council resident living in a block or converted street property an individual safety check visit, with priority for people in high-rise homes (six storeys or more). As well as our standard smoke alarm and gas checks, we’re offering every home a Fire Safety Plus package, including free replacements for appliances found to be faulty during these checks.

Resident involvement

Listening to residents about their experiences and concerns is essential to getting fire risk management right. Since the Grenfell fire, we’ve been meeting and listening to tenants and leaseholders across the borough, and to our TRAs.

If you have particular concerns, please let your housing office manager know, or call us on 020 8753 6833.