Help to move to a smaller home

We offer a beneficial transfer scheme for council tenants who are interested in moving to a property in the borough with fewer bedrooms. If you are a council tenant and have one or more spare bedrooms and are interested in moving to a smaller property then you may want to consider downsizing through the council’s beneficial transfer scheme.

As part of the scheme we will:

  • give you a £2,000 incentive payment for each bedroom you give up
  • carpet and decorate your new property before you move in using all or part of your incentive money (this is optional)
  • arrange and pay for removals once you have accepted a new property
  • disconnect and reconnect your oven and washing machine
  • reimburse you for having your post redirected to your new address for 3 months.

We offer Hammersmith & Fulham Council properties as well as housing association properties in the borough. If you are aged 60 or over we can also offer you sheltered accommodation. For more information, see Sheltered housing.

We will also give you an extra one-off bonus payment of £1,000 if you downsize from a 2 bedroom property or if you move into sheltered housing. Offers can't be combined.

Other benefits of choosing to move to a smaller home include:

  • you will be given a higher priority on the housing waiting list if you move to a one bedroom home
  • you can choose where you want to live and the type of property you would like
  • an officer will help to find properties for you and continue to help you during and after your move
  • a selection of council properties are prioritised for under occupying tenants.

For tips about moving home, see our Moving home guide (pdf).

Applying for the scheme

To apply for this scheme you will need to complete the online form.

Apply online using My Account

Once you are accepted onto the scheme you will be given a priority banding and a dedicated occupancy officer to manage the process.

Beneficial transfer scheme further information

Beneficial transfer scheme FAQs

All the information on our website about the beneficial transfer scheme can also be found in this pdf. Downsizing with the council - a guide to beneficial transfer (PDF 2MB)

Our pledge

  • We will never pressurise you to move to a property you don’t want
  • We will be here to help you throughout the process
  • We will do our best to help you settle in your new home

Contact us

If you would like any further information or to book a home visit, please contact the supported moves team on 020 8753 4390 or email

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