Staying safe

Information about safety issues such as safeguarding, domestic abuse, accidents and falls and crime.

There are certain safety risks you should be aware of if you have difficulty moving around or a long-term health problem. You might be at risk of abuse, or more prone to falls or accidents. It’s important to learn about what safety concerns might affect you and what steps you can take to reduce risk.

Domestic abuse

If you are in immediate danger call the police on 999.

There are three police stations in the borough – visit the Met Police website for more information.

Hammersmith & Fulham Police general number is 101.

Hammersmith & Fulham Police Community Safety Unit (CSU) is on 020 8246 2828 (out-of-hours answerphone). The CSU investigates hate crimes, including domestic violence, in the borough. Officers are specially trained to deal with these crimes.

Read about domestic abuse and violence.

Home safety and security

The Home Safety check scheme is a service offered by Bishop Creighton House, with the support of local emergency services.

We help with:

  • falls prevention
  • home security
  • fire safety
  • food and alcohol safety
  • safe use of medicines
  • coping with extremes of hot or cold weather
  • safe use of gas and electricity
  • garden safety.

For more information see Home safety and security

Worried that a child may be at risk?

If you have a concern about a child or young person, contact us:

  • call us on 020 8753 6600 or out of hours on 020 8748 8588 
  • email us at
  • walk-in to Ground Floor, 145 King St, Hammersmith, W6 9XY.

If you have an immediate concern for the well-being of a child or young person, call the police on 999.

Safeguarding adults

See Safeguarding adults

For more advice on what to do if you think someone is at risk of abuse see Help for adults being abused or neglected

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