H&F Climate Alliance

Did you know emissions from organisations and businesses in H&F are responsible for 42% of our carbon emissions?

The H&F Climate Alliance helps local organisations take climate action. It’s part of our commitment to work in partnership to reach net zero carbon emissions across the borough by 2030. The Climate Alliance is a forum for collaboration and mutual support towards this aim.

This network will include:

What we offer

Membership of the Climate Alliance is inclusive. All organisation based in or operating in the borough are encouraged to join including public, private, education and voluntary/community organisations. Joining the Alliance is free and will give you access to events, training and additional consultancy services for bespoke support to reduce emissions.

Carbon tracking app

One way we want to help organisations reach net zero is to provide you with a carbon tracking app designed to collate, measure, track and report on the carbon emissions across your organisation.

We believe that setting targets is an important stage of your organisation’s journey towards net zero and helps to clearly identify actions that need to be taken to lower carbon emissions.

Training opportunities

In addition, we want to provide training as we understand that some organisation may not have the in-house sustainability expertise, time or resources to reduce their carbon footprint. Some ways we plan to do this is to:

  • empower you with the right knowledge on what actions you can take that will have a positive impact on your emission reduction  
  • run train-the-trainer sessions to give you the necessary tools to make data driven decisions
  • develop case studies to highlight and recognise well performing organisations
  • provide educational material sharing best practice 
  • provide information of available funding and grants.

To reach net zero across the borough we need everyone to take action. We can’t do it without your help.

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