Consent to the Distribution of Free Literature

Environmental Act 1990 - Consent to the Distribution of Free Literature

Under Schedule 3A of the above Act, you need consent to distribute free printed materials within Hammersmith & Fulham’s eight approved distribution zones (or within 50m of a tube station entrance or within a 200m radius of the approved distribution zones).

This does not include religious, political or charitable literature, nor does it include free literature which is posted through the letter boxes of households or businesses.

You only need permission if you're handing out free literature. You do not need permission if you're conducting a survey or other market research.

Persons with consent within the zones will be required to display an approved ID badge.

The approved zones are:

If your intended areas of distribution fall within the above zones please complete the application forms and return them to:

25 Bagleys Lane
1st Floor Market Office

If you have any queries, please email the Markets and Street Trading Team at:

Application form for the consent to distribute free literature (pdf 121KB)

Please read and sign the Conditions of Consent to Distribute Free Literature when applying for a license. You will need to send a signed copy of this with your application form.

Terms and conditions of consent to distribute free literature (pdf 168KB)


When you return the completed application, please ensure you enclose the following:

  • The correct application fee. The application fee for a single zone is £350.20. The fee for an additional zone is £58.30.
  • The number of ID badges you require. There is a maximum of two distributors allowed in any one distribution point at any one time. All distributors are required to wear the council issued ID badges, the cost of each ID badge is £58.30. Please include this fee with your application.

Incorrect fee and incomplete submissions will invalidate your application and may delay the processing of your consent agreement. You may not start distribution until we have granted consent.

We also offer a one day promotion at a cost of £227, this is for a one day licence plus one distributor.

View the full table of fees

If you have any problems or queries about this, please contact the Markets and Street Trading Team via e-mail or on 020 8753 3916.