Shop Local Facebook group page

Our H&F Shop Local Facebook group is a way for local businesses to promote their products and services to local residents online from their own Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube accounts.

Online sales are a great opportunity to increase your brand awareness and sales.

How to get involved

Joining the group allows you to share content about:

  • your business
  • existing products
  • new products
  • upcoming products
  • offers
  • discounts
  • delivery services
  • click and collect services
  • takeaway services and more.

The posts can be seen and shared by anyone on Facebook and will boost your visibility as social media algorithms favour posts that have been shared.

There is no limit to the number of posts you share as long as they are about a business in H&F.

You can also:

  • invite your friends, colleagues and followers to join the group – the more members in the group, the more effective for everyone
  • like and share posts from other businesses in H&F to your social media or make a positive comment about their posts
  • use the hashtag #HFShopLocal on your social media posts so that they can be found by customers in H&F

Join the H&F Shop Local Facebook group

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