Check list for benefit related appointments

So that we can process your claim quickly, please make sure that you bring the correct documents to your appointment.

Things to take with you to an appointment

So that we can process your claim quickly, please make sure that you bring the correct documents to your appointment. Here's what you need:

Change in your circumstances

  • a change in your tenancy - take a current tenancy agreement or a letter from your landlord
  • a rent increase - take a letter from your landlord giving the date of the increase and the rent details including any service charges
  • a change in your income or earnings - take the last five pay slips if you are paid weekly, the last three pay slips if you are paid every two weeks or your last two pay slips if paid monthly
  • if  you are self employed - we need to see your accounts for the last financial year or if you have been trading for less than six months, a summary of your trading records so far
  • if your savings have changed - bank, building society or post office accounts then we need to see full bank statements or certificates for premium bonds, National Savings Certificates, ISAs, stocks, shares and unit trusts. We need to see this evidence for your partner too and children in your household. The evidence you bring in must show details over the last two months
  • a change in your household - for example if someone joins your household we need to see wage slips or any other income proof for anyone else in your household. If you have a baby we need to see a birth certificate, child benefit details or bank statements showing your child benefit
  • a change in your pension, benefits or allowances  - for example an increase in pension or benefits you will need to provide a letter showing your current award
  • a change in the money you pay out - for example child care costs we need to see a letter from a registered child minder, nursery or school. Grant assessment letter or payment receipt details of payments for children in higher education.

New claim

Supporting documents include evidence of:

  • your identity - for example your passport or driving licence
  • your national insurance number - for example your national insurance card
  • your rent - for example your tenancy agreement
  • dependent children in your household - for example a child benefit award letter
  • benefits and income for your partner - for example an award letter from the DWP or wage slips
  • capital or savings - for  example the last eight weeks of statements for each account
  • income of other people that live with you - for example a son or daughter over 18 provide their wage slips or a letter from the DWP
  • a completed application form

School clothing grant, free school meals and healthy meals allowance form

You can complete the application form online and upload any documents that are needed to the online form. If you have made an appointment with us please bring the relevant documents with you. The online form can be found on the student benefits and grants webpage.

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