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H&F welcomes second refugee family

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Image captionImage 1: Banner from a West London Welcome (WLW) welcome event in H&F

On Tuesday we welcomed a second Afghan refugee family to a home in the borough.

They arrived at the three-bedroom flat having been in temporary hotel accommodation in Wiltshire since their arrival in Britain. As with the first family, H&F is supporting the parents and three children to ensure they become settled as soon as possible. We are connecting them to local schools, GPs and other services to ensure they can become as secure and comfortable as possible in their new surroundings.

H&F is also helping with multiple welfare and other needs of refugees still in local temporary accommodation.

Meanwhile, residents across H&F have continued to help out with the refugees through the charity West London Welcome (WLW) which has been collecting donations and distributing clothing and other goods. Last weekend WLW gave out clothes given by residents at an event supported by volunteers and interpreters.

H&F is asking private landlords to come forward if they have rental property available for the refugees. Please contact H&F’s Property Procurement Team on or on 020 8753 1241.

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