The scheme offers free loft and cavity insulation

New winter insulation scheme helps residents stay warm and save energy

As nights draw in and temperatures plunge, residents in two Hammersmith & Fulham housing estates can remain cosy and save energy, thanks to a free cavity wall and loft insulation scheme.

The initiative from Hammersmith & Fulham Council and energy provider E.ON means that families on the Wormholt and Old Oak estates qualify for energy-saving measures to cut bills.

The saved energy will also help H&F Council meet its green targets and aim of becoming the most environmentally positive borough in the country, by reducing carbon emissions.

“Everyone should be able to keep their homes warm during the cold winter months,” said Cllr Wesley Harcourt, Cabinet Member for Environment, Transport and Residents’ Services, who welcomed the news.

“Through this insulation, families can typically save £200 a year on their heating bills, but this project is a win-win for us and residents as it will also improve the borough’s overall energy efficiency.

“That will help in our ambition of becoming the most environmentally positive borough in the country."

Council tenants on Wormholt and Old Oak Estates whose homes have unfilled cavities and/or poor loft insulation are automatically eligible for the scheme.

Money-saving insulation

With nearly a third of all heat lost through walls, and a quarter lost through uninsulated roofs, homes which install both wall and loft insulation can make savings of more than £200, based on an average terraced, gas-heated home.

The programme, run by E.ON and Warmfront, will be insulating around 40 homes a week with more than 100 homes already completed.

The initial scheme is being run in the Wormholt area, and H&F Council will bid for further funding in the new year to extend the scheme to other estates across the borough.

Loft installation involves either rolling mineral wool between joists, or fitting insulation boards between the rafters. Cavity wall insulation entails blowing insulating material into the gaps between brickwork – a job which usually takes around two hours.

Private tenants may also qualify if over 55, on benefits or low income, or your property has a low energy rating.

For more information, visit our web page.

If you live in the Wormholt or Old Oak Estates and want to find out if your home is eligible, contact Warmfront on 0800 032 8322.