Try Before You Bike

Information about Try Before You Bike, a unique pay-as-go-you bike rental scheme designed to help H&F residents get on their bikes.

Want to start cycling but don’t know where to start?

H&F has teamed up with circular economy business Peddle My Wheels to make cycling around H&F safe, affordable and accessible.

Try Before You Bike is a user-friendly scheme that is specifically designed to encourage people to cycle.

  • Pay monthly for a bike with an easy to order process.
  • Free friendly delivery to your door with accessories (helmet, lights and lock), guidance and a bespoke training session of up to 2 hours.
  • No deposit or hidden fees.
  • Affordable purchase options and Cycle To Work available.
  • Free collection if you decide the bike is not for you.
  • Support and encouragement given to help you get confident on the roads.

Try Before You Bike is a unique pay-as-go-you bike rental scheme designed to help local residents get on their bikes.

How does it work?

Rent a bike at a small fee or purchase the bike of your dreams at an exclusive discounted rate for H&F residents.

Choose your bike

Select a bike that best suits your needs from their extensive catalogue of new or nearly new bikes. The size guide and other filters will help you pick the right bike and accessories for you.

From mountain bikes to children’s bikes and trailers, with Try Before You Bike you can be sure to find the right fit for you and your family. Rent up to four bikes per household online or contact if you require more.

Ready to roll?

Choose your bike

Rent or buy

Play it safe by renting a bike from £30 a month on a pay-as-you-go basis for as long as you desire, with the option to cancel any time.

Benefit from our exclusive residents’ offer and buy a bike at a discounted price right there and then. You can also pay monthly on a free payment plan or through the Cycle to Work scheme.

Even if you choose to hire your bike, you can always commit to buying it at a later point. Seal the deal within the first three months of your bike rental to get all fees knocked off the original (discounted!) bike price.


Delivery and pick up is free with Try Before You Bike – including free collection if you choose to opt out. You can pick a delivery day and time that best suits you, from Tuesday through Saturdays, from 10am to 6pm.

A trained cycle instructors will drop off your bike within your selected one-hour time slot to show you how to get the most out of your new cycle in a free 20 - 30-minute bike and cycling induction.

And why not join one of our many free cycling courses that take place across the borough, every week, Tuesdays through Saturdays?

Learn more about H&F Council’s FREE cycle training and maintenance offers here.

Additional benefits

No matter which bike you choose, every order includes free accessories such as complementary lights and mudguards.

Perks of hiring your bike through Try Before You Bike also include free maintenance over the course of your rental.

Learn more about the initiative through PMW’s Frequently Asked Questions.

Smarter Travel

The schem is part of H&F's wide range of initiatives to encourage active travel and more sustainable forms of transport.

This includes our Safer Cycle Pathway, our free cycling training offers for H&F residents as well as our ever-growing network of electric vehicle (EV) charging points.

These transport schemes are part of how we’re tackling the climate and ecological emergency locally in our bid to improve air quality, make H&F a more pleasant and safer place to live and reach our ambitious target of net-zero carbon emissions in H&F by 2030.

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