How we are tackling the problem of graffiti and how you can help us by reporting it.

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Report it online

Through your smartphone, using our H&F Report it app

You can also contact the Cleaner Greener hotline, 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday:

Racist or abusive graffiti

We will remove racist or offensive graffiti within 24 hours of being reported. All other graffiti will be removed within five working days.

Graffiti on highways structures

We deal with graffiti on highway structures such as foot-bridges and subways and illuminated street furniture. Call us on 020 8753 3080.

Graffiti on the A40 and A4 underpasses is dealt with by Transport for London.

  • If graffiti is on A4 underpass telephone 020 8838 9910
  • If graffiti is on A40 underpass telephone 020 8939 9917

Council structures

We clean the following structures twice a month to keep them graffiti-free:

  • The subways at Hammersmith Broadway
  • The Du Cane Road footbridge
  • The Westway subway at Wood Lane

We clean other council structures are cleaned once a month. We remove offensive words or drawings from our own structures within six hours and all other graffiti over the weekend.

Paint spillages

Where we hear about paint spillages on the highway will conduct an on-site inspection to determine the seriousness of the spillage and whether it is visually unpleasant. If it is necessary to remove the paint, we do this using high-pressure water and detergent.

Graffiti on council housing

Contact your local area housing office

Graffiti on housing association properties

Graffiti removal from housing association properties is the responsibility of the relevant housing association.

Contact us

For more information or to report graffiti, contact our Cleaner Greener hotline:

9am to 5pm Monday to Friday
020 8753 1100

Report it online

Use our H&F Report it app

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