Rubbish collection for large blocks of flats

How to leave your rubbish for collection if you live in a large block of flats.

If you live on an estate or in a large block of flats, you will probably have a communal bin for your rubbish.

Serco, our waste management contractor, collects your household refuse weekly or possibly more than once a week.

Please dispose of your rubbish with care and consideration for your neighbours and the local environment.

Communal bins

You will need to:

  • carry your rubbish down to the bin room
  • wrap rubbish in bags to keep smells and health risks at a minimum
  • place all of your rubbish inside the bins provided.

Rubbish chutes

There are refuse chutes in some blocks. It is very important that you use them properly because they get blocked easily.

  • Place all rubbish in tied black sacks.
  • Don’t put large or awkward shaped items (such as pizza boxes) down the chute because they may jam it. If you can tear up the item first, do so.
  • Use the chute between 8am and 8pm to avoid disturbing people living next to it.
  • Take large items to the bin room – don’t leave them by the chute, balconies or staircases where they will be a nuisance and safety hazard.

If your bins are overflowing and need a collection please call Cleaner Greener on 0208 753 1100 or email Once reported, bins will be emptied within 24 hours.

Garchey disposal

There are Garchey disposal systems on some H&F estates. These are sink disposal systems for smaller items. Please make sure you follow the maker's instructions and take large items to the bin room. Question about chutes or Garchey systems? Contact your local housing office, if you live on an H&F estate, or your managing agent or housing association.

Bulky Waste

If you have items for disposal which are too big for the bin you can either book a reuse collection or if items can’t be reused book a bulky waste collection online or by calling the Cleaner Greener Hotline on 020 8753 1100.

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