Real nappies

Why use real nappies? Get your free real nappies voucher. Come along to one of our Nappy Natter sessions to find out more.

Why use real nappies?

There are lots of advantages to real nappies, including:

  • they save you money – until your child is potty trained you could buy a whopping 5,000 disposable nappies. Using real nappies can save you around £500 for your first child and £700 for any more children
  • they're easy to use – modern cloth nappies are all in one, pre-shaped and fasten with Velcro or poppers. Solid waste is caught in a liner and flushes down the toilet. Real nappies are easy to wash and dry quickly
  • they're better for baby - there are chemicals and bleach paper in disposable nappies. Using real nappies means your baby has soft, breathable fabrics next to their skin
  • they're better for the environment – your baby will need 4,000 to 6,000 changes from birth to potty. That's about a tonne of household waste, which is sent for incineration. Valuable resources are used to make nappies. It takes 4.5 trees to make the pulp used in the nappies for each child.

Claim your £45 real nappy voucher

If you are pregnant or have a baby and live in H&F, you are entitled to one free real nappy voucher worth £45. This can be used to purchase any real nappies and related accessories from the Washable Nappy Company.

You can claim your £45 voucher by emailing us scanned copies of your proof of identity, address and birth or pregnancy to

We will then send a follow up email asking for your consent to save your details in a password protected spreadsheet to ensure one person does not claim multiple vouchers. Your data will not be used for any other purposes. Please respond to this email saying that you consent to your details being saved this way.

A voucher code will then be sent to you with instructions on how to use your voucher when you place an order on-line with the Washable Nappy Company. Your nappies will be posted to you free of charge. Visit the Washable Nappy Company website to view the range of Real Nappies available.

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