Garden waste and home composting

How to home compost and other options for garden waste.

Why home compost?

Home composting is an excellent way to reduce the amount of garden and food waste sent for incineration. Up to 30 per cent of our household waste could be composted.

This year, you can help us save approximately £145 for every tonne of waste diverted from incineration. Your bin will also provide you with a free supply of compost that is great for your garden.

Buy a compost bin online

We have teamed up with to offer residents in Hammersmith & Fulham a reduced price on standard Blackwall Compost Converters in both colours and sizes, as well as a “Buy one get one half price” offer, with a one-off delivery charge per order.

If residents join together with other members of their family or neighbours the “Buy one get one half price” exclusive offer represents great value.

In addition to garden waste compost bins, some of the bins on offer will also compost your kitchen waste including vegetable peelings, raw food and cooked food. There are a variety of compost bins suitable for all households including flats and apartments.

To see what products are available visit or call 0844 571 4444.

Home composting advice has an excellent step-by-step guide to home composting, including information on:

  • what to put in your bin
  • how to tell if your compost is ready
  • how to get your compost out of your bin
  • how to use your compost.

To access the guide you'll need to enter your postcode and then on the next page, scroll down and click on the link for the composting guide.

You can also find useful information on composting on the Recycle Now website.

Other options for garden waste

Each week you can put out up to five bags of garden waste in sturdy refuse sacks for collection along with ordinary household rubbish. These don't have to be specially marked. Please don’t put garden waste in the clear Smart Sacks which are only for recycling.

Bags must contain only green waste or garden waste and the bags must be liftable by waste collection crews (we can't collect bags of soil or heavy materials as part of your scheduled collection). Any bags which are too heavy will not be collected.

If you have large items that are too big to compost (such as tree prunings), or more than five sacks of garden waste, or bags of soil, or heavy garden materials, you will need to either book a bulky waste collection for which there is a small charge, or you can take them to the tip. See below.

Book a bulky waste collection online

Or call the Cleaner Greener Helpline on 020 8753 1100 or email

Composting at the Reuse and Recycling Centre

If you have a large amount of waste that is too big to compost at home (such as tree prunings), or you have small bags of soil (up to six small bags, larger amounts will be chargeable), you can take it to Smugglers Way and Cringle Dock Reuse and Recycling Centres (the tips). For more information and address details, visit the Western Riverside website.

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