Smart Bank and reusable bag

What you can put in your reusable bag to recycle in Smart Banks.

We’ve already installed Smart Banks at the majority of estates and large blocks of flats. Smart Banks are located in a convenient a position as possible, normally next to the existing bin store or the entrance of the flats.

As part of the improvements to the flats recycling service we are increasing the coverage of Smart Banks. This includes increasing the number of Smart Banks at some blocks of flats where the Smart Banks are well used and siting new Smart Banks at block that did not previously have them. If your block is receiving new Smart Banks and you did not previously have them, you will have been consulted through your Tenants and Residents Association or by letter. 

How to use your recycling service:

  1. Use your bag to store recycling in your flat.
  2. Take your bag to the nearest Smart bank and empty your recycling. Keep your bag – it can be used again.
  3. Dispose of your rubbish as normal.

You can recycle:

  • clean and empty mixed glass bottles and jars (take metal lids off and put them loose in your recycling)
  • clean and empty cartons (please squash and keep plastic lids on)
  • clean and dry mixed unshredded paper, card and cardboard (including telephone directories)
  • clean and empty food tins and drink cans
  • clean and empty plastic bottles, pots, tubs and trays (please squash and keep plastic lids on)

Top tips:

  • Large cardboard boxes block the chutes. Please flatten them and take them to your nearest Smart Bank
  • Rinse out out bottles, jars and cartons as waste food and liquid makes items unpleasant to store and sort
  • Squash plastic bottles and cartons.

Please do not put these items in your Smart Bank:

  • Small applicances
  • Clothes and shoes
  • Food waste.

Sorry, we can’t accept any other items in the Smart Bank at the moment. It’s important to keep other items out of the recycling mini bank. They are classed as contamination and may cause the contents of the mini bank to be sent for disposal rather than being recycled.

Please put items into the Smart Bank loose. The collection crew may mistake black bags for rubbish and the recycling may be sent to landfill.

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Frequently asked questions

Q The Smart Bank is overflowing how do I get it emptied? 
A Contact Cleaner Greener, they will arrange for the Smart Bank to be emptied within 24 hours.

Q Where can I take unwanted clothes and shoes? 
A Unwanted clothes and shoes can be taken to your nearest textile bank.

See more on Clothes, shoes and textiles recycling and reuse.

Q What can I do with bulky rubbish, such as furniture, white goods and DIY waste? 
A Ask your caretaking service where to leave bulky waste for collection or contact Cleaner Greener to book a special collection.

Book a special collection

Q What can I do with batteries and small electrical items, such as kettles and hair dryers? 
A Batteries and small electrical items can be taken to collection points in libraries and some council offices.

Small electrical items collection points

Battery collection points

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